From the seemingly infinite diversity of culinary creations existing throughout the Indian subcontinent - we have chosen to present some of the more characteristic yet legendary dishes.

The common term "Curry" is an English adaption of the Tamil word "Kari" - meaning in effect - a "Seasoned Sauce" and traditionally never applied to identify Indian Cuisine as a whole.

Reach Us

Tandoori Paradise
54, Ryley Street,
Wangaratta, Victoria,3677.

Restaurant Hours

Timings : 05.30pm - 09.30pm

Favourites Of The Restaurant

  • A rural chicken delicacy cooked in fenugreek-spiced medium
  • Saffron rice cooked with tandoori chicken and spices in mughlai flavour served with raita, onion and tomato
  • Tandoori baked beef fillet, cooked in oriental spices in special sauce with green pepper and green herbs
  • North Indian traditional lamb minced spicy balls cooked in mouth-watering sauce
  • Tender pieces of chicken breast fillet marinated in white wine and cooked in special sultana...
  • Small pieces of spring boneless chicken tempered with cumin seeds...