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Amongst the numerous restaurants in this state, the Indian Tandoori Restaurant is entirely unique in authentic cuisine of ancient India, Land of Kings, and once ruled by the famous Mughal Emperors.

Traditionally, Toam Gah’s (restaurants) were gathering places in the Indian subcontinents, where members of royalty and colonials ate. The various dishes were cooked with a subtle blend of spices, aromatic and flavoursome or spicy and piping hot. Indian history date back 4,000 years, and Indian cuisine is approximately two thousand years to date.

Over the centuries, India has been invaded by the Greeks, Persians and Portuguese, creating the change in culinary habits of various provinces in India.

Our most experienced chef offers you the delights of India’s cuisine, specialising in Indian Clay oven and Sizzler dishes. The traditional Tandoor is renowned for the mysterious and unique flavour it gives to meat and breads.

We sincerely hope you will enjoy the presentation and the taste of our Indian Tandoori Kitchen, which we proudly present to you.


From the seemingly infinite diversity of culinary creations existing throughout the Indian subcontinent - we have chosen to present some of the more characteristic yet legendary dishes. The common term “Curry” is an English adaption of the Tamil word “Kari” - meaning in effect - a “Seasoned Sauce” and traditionally never applied to identify Indian Cuisine as a whole. We trust that you may enjoy a truly unique and distinctive dining experience.